Students step into the spotlight

In a cabaret of song, dance and drama, students of John Gray High School impressed classmates, visitors and judges at a talent show Saturday night.

Even Simon Cowell of American Idol would have been amazed with the talent this group of highly energetic students displayed at an event to raise funds for Year 12 prom night.

Performing in front of a packed auditorium of 600, students used their musical talents and wits combined in a spirit of fun to bring about a night of entertaining that students hailed as a smashing good time.

The show included 15 acts, overseen by three judges and a teen jam, which raised $3,500 for the worthy cause.

As the night progressed, the show only got better as performers such as Out and Bad Dancers, Hot Chixz, Bashment Dancers and K-C Gel worked up from all the cheering, pumped up the volume with some high energy dance moves.

Even judges Bernie Bush and Lorna Reid could not keep their hands and feet from moving to the beat as students impressed them with their choice of dance and songs.

‘The talent show was a huge success,’ said Cassandra Ebanks, Head of Year 12. ‘I am very proud of the students for taking on the initiative. But I was extremely pleased to see the group of Year 12 students highly organised and working as a team.

‘They also did a very good job in rallying the support of other students to assist them with the fundraiser. Under very little supervision the students were left to organise the event with the help of Deputy Head Mr. Gordon.

Ms Ebanks said the proceeds from the event will go towards the purchase of decorations, rentals, tickets and food for Year 12 students’ prom night.

‘It is going to cost a lot more than what they have made, but the fundraiser will help to offset the cost of some expenses.

‘The average cost of a prom ticket can run up to $60. By staging these fundraisers we are able to offer the tickets to students at a lower cost,’ she said.

‘The way student handled themselves in organising and staging the event, goes to show that we need to appreciate their abilities and what they have to offer by allowing them to explore their potentials. The fundraiser was evidence of that.’

There were a lot of young people at the event but everything went along smoothly even the teen disco jam staged after the talent show.