Today’s Editorial January 24: Crime, death plague Eastern districts

Right on the heels of a Caymanian Compass lead headline that told readers crime was down but accidents were up in 2006, we returned to work Tuesday to learn some disturbing news.

Sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning a young Caymanian lost his life behind the wheel of his car.

The one-vehicle accident in East End was the first road death for 2007.

A victim of a hit and run earlier this year has been airlifted to hospital in Jamaica.

It’s bad enough that only 22 days into the New Year we have a road death.

It’s absolutely tragic that the victim was another of Cayman’s young men.

We’ve lost another member of the next generation of Caymanians in whose trust we will leave this country as this generation dies out.

While we don’t know what caused the crash, we implore everyone to slow down, don’t drink and drive and treat your vehicle like it’s a lethal weapon, not a toy.

There was another tragedy in the Eastern Districts this weekend when an armed man walked into Chisholm’s Supermarket in North Side and demanded cash and cigarettes.

It’s the second time in three years the shop has been targeted for robbery.

Both times it was done in broad daylight, but what made it different this time was that the robber was toting a gun.

That’s just plain scary.

Chisholm’s Supermarket has been open since 1954 serving the residents and visitors of the district.

For someone to even entertain the idea of robbing the shop of hard-earned money should be unthinkable.

It’s pretty obvious that the robber(s) had been watching the store, familiarizing themselves with the comings and goings of customers and police at the district station, which is visible just down the road from the shop.

We hope police are successful in finding the robbers and seeing that they face the strongest charges possible.

They need to be in jail, not roaming the streets of Grand Cayman and North Side.

The robbers did a disservice not only to the Ebanks and Chisholm family, but to the North Side District as a whole.

It is our hope that the rest of 2007 isn’t marred with any more fatal wrecks or armed robberies anywhere in the Cayman Islands.

We would like next year’s headline to be Crime, accidents down in ’07.