Kids celebrate Art with NG

A giant paint by number project and a sand sculpting competition are among the many activities planned for children at the National Gallery’s Celebration of Art event on Saturday, 10 February.

The event, at Pageant Beach, promises to entertain and delight kids of all ages and teach them that art is indeed everywhere and that it’s for them too, according to a release from PR firm Kelly Holdings.

The event’s Kids Zone will be fully staffed and jam packed with activities for kids aged 10-years-old and under including bouncing castles, carousels, face painting and arts and craft projects.

The release added that the highlight of the kids’ celebration is expected to be the sand sculpting competition.

All children from 4-years-old to 10 will have a chance to get creative and will be provided with buckets and spades.

The competition will be broken down into three 90-minute sessions, beginning at 11.30am, 1pm and 3.30pm. Up for grabs will be first, second and third prizes in each session.

‘Pageant Beach is the perfect location for sand sculpting,’ said National Gallery’s Financial & Operations Officer Anne Goulden.

The contest co-ordinator said that sand was a wonderful medium to work in and was hoping for some interesting results. ‘Sand is nature’s tool. It is clean, and it is a recognised means for children to develop their artistic skills.’

Parents and guardians can register children on the day of the event.

The theme for the Celebration of Art event is ‘Art is for everyone!’ Attendees young and old can see and enjoy art in the following categories:

Fine art including sculptures, paintings, carvings all created by local artists and available for purchase;

Gift art such as Valentine’s Day cards, candles and soaps;

Film and Photography featuring the work of local photographers, videographers and budding filmmakers;

Culinary art including cake decorating, ice sculpting and decorating with fruit and vegetables;

Design art involving interior, graphics and landscaping design;

Funky art including jewellery making, tie-dying, nail art and henna tattooing; and

Heritage art which will include traditional Caymanian art forms such as basket weaving, kite-making and thatch making;

Free babysitting for children 6 months to 8-years-old will also be available and local and international food will be on sale.

In addition, numerous bands and dance troupes will be performing throughout the day and there will also be a fashion show with Island Boy Gil and Jules from HOT 104.1 FM serving as MCs.

Admission to Celebration of Art is free and complimentary bus transport will be provided to and from all districts.

Volunteers are also needed to help with the sand sculpting competition and other elements of Celebration of Art. Interested persons can call the National Gallery’s Volunteer Manager Jennifer Woodford at 945-8111 for more information.

For more information, contact organisers Kelly Holding at 623.8822 or email [email protected].

Top Sand Sculpting Tips

• Choose a site that is not too close to the water, as waves might destroy it.

• Mark your site with a wooden stake in each corner. Connect the stakes with string to form a border so people don’t inadvertently traipse through, damaging your work.

• Dig a hole down to the water table with a shovel, or bring up large buckets of water from the ocean.

• Build your sculpture or castle on top of the sand you dig from this hole.

• Work with extremely wet sand.

• Scoop wet sand onto the center of the area you will be working to build a tower. Work fast so the sand stays wet.

• Jiggle sand patties one on top of the other. Pounding, pushing or beating the sand will destroy any attempts at a tower.

• Distribute the water so that one patty binds with the one below.

• Make the patties bigger on the bottom than on the top.

• The size of your site depends on the size of your construction. A good average size would be 15 square feet.

•Always wear sunscreen and a hat at the beach.