Community fuels Esso campaign

$17,000 donated to Pines

The patronage of its loyal customers over the holiday season allowed fuel corporation Esso to raise CI$17,175 for the Pines Retirement Home in its Help Us Help campaign.

For every gallon of fuel purchased at an Esso service station from 20 November through 20 December, 3 cents was donated to the Pines Retirement Home to assist with its rebuilding effort post-Hurricane Ivan, stated a press release.

The home sustained significant loss and damage in 2004, and the Pines’ Board of Directors have made it their goal to not only restore The Pines to its original state, but to upgrade the building to meet the residents’ current needs and the anticipated needs of Cayman’s elderly in the years to come.

‘Esso is extremely pleased with the outcome of our Help Us Help campaign,’ said Alan Neesome, Esso Country Sales Manager. ‘We know that the rebuilding of the Pines is a huge financial undertaking, and we are so happy that we were able to contribute to this special project.

‘The residents of The Pines represent a very rich and valuable part of Cayman’s history and many of them have been inconvenienced and made uncomfortable since the passage of Hurricane Ivan. It is our responsibility as a community to ensure that these people regain the same, if not better, living conditions and quality of life as they did prior to the storm.

‘They deserve this and it is the least we can do for all of the sacrifice and contributions that they have made over the years to make the Cayman Islands the country we now have the privilege to live in.’

Sue Nicholson, Manager of the Pine, thanked Esso for its contribution.

‘We are extremely grateful,’ said. ‘The funds raised in this promotion will be used in our efforts to make the residents more comfortable and enjoy a better quality of life here. It is very gratifying to see corporations recognize the need for funding for organizations for the elderly.

‘The fact is that our elderly have been around for a long time; they have contributed to the welfare of these islands in so many ways, and there is much for which we should be grateful to them. We are so happy that Esso shares this belief, and that they thought of us for the recipients of the proceeds from this campaign.’

As a result of Hurricane Ivan, parts of the Pines were flooded in excess of four feet of water, and much of the roof was severely compromised due to flying debris. There was considerable damage to the exterior and interior of the building and almost all medical equipment and supplies, furniture and appliances were damaged.

The current un-restored wing of the building will be torn down and a new building constructed in its footprint.

Ms Nicholson says there are currently 30 residents at the Pines. Once the new building is completed, it will be able to accommodate as many as 52 residents.

About The Pines

The Pines is a non-profit and charitable organization that was established in 1983 as a Retirement Home, primarily to meet the needs of independent elderly citizens during their retirement. The objectives of the Home have changed over the last few years, as it is now accommodating residents with high nursing requirements. The Pines provides day care, respite care and assisted living programs. On December 8, 2004, three months after Hurricane Ivan, The Pines re-opened its doors when approximately 30% of the building was restored. Whereas The Pines previously had five wings available for resident’s room, only two wings were available as at December 2004.

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