Instil a driving curfew

Thanks for the invitation to give input on the rapid succession and continuing road fatalities of young men in our community.

I have had two close relatives (brother and nephew) killed in car crashes on West Bay Road and in Conch Point in West Bay, respectively.

In addition to that I have had a huge number of friends and acquaintance killed between 1968-69 to present. I am totally convinced that those still alive will not learn a lesson from those departed.

This is a dire situation and therefore requires immediate drastic measures to curb it. How many more of our male men are we going to bury before end of 2007?

I think we simply have to remove them from driving at night at certain vulnerable ages.

Check the age range for MVA fatalities and the time that the accidents occur. From my observation over the decades, most fatalities occur at age17-19 years followed by the 20 – 24 year olds. The fatal accidents occur late night to very early morning; therefore, we target age and time. I believe we all agree on the sex to target, ie males.

A graduated licensing system needs to go into effect immediately as follows:

17 – 19 years; drive unaccompanied from 6am – 6pm

20 – 24 years; drive unaccompanied from 6am – 8pm

25 years and older get normal driving privileges

Driving outside the prescribed permitted; the youngster will have to be accompanied by a responsible close relative, no younger than 28 years of age.

Those who choose to break the about law, will then face serious consequences as follows:

First offence, disqualification from driving by 1year

Second offence, disqualification from driving for three years

Third offence, disqualification from driving for eight years

Regardless of age, all risk drivers (speeders and speed demons) and DUI etc., need to be disqualified from driving for between one to 10 years, according to the judge’s discretion and the circumstances of the case.

I am sure there is more to add, but this is my humble input.

Thank you again.

Alice Jane Ebanks

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