Cuba, Castro excellent examples

It never ceases to amaze me just how close minded and narrow people can be.

There definitely is a need to respond to the negative and often incorrect facts many Caymanians have about Cuba.

Cuba is a vast country of much beauty and immense resources.

The Cuban people are vibrant and cultured; healthy and well educated too.

Do people really think that Cuba would benefit if Americans started landing the second their great leader, Fidel Castro passes?

Quite frankly, Cubans are far better off than the vast majority of people in this world and certainly far better off than us in the Caribbean.

Cuba has greater economic potential than any island nation in the Caribbean, supplemented by the largest and most highly educated workforce.

Cuba has managed to maintain the most diversified and stable economy in the region. What makes Cuba’s economic reality even more interesting is that it is also the region’s fastest growing and ranks high on world charts of economic growth.

While other island nations struggle to stabilize and diversify shattered economies, Cuba has managed to build an economy that has quickly become the darling of the region. Nations like St. Kitts and Nevis, Haiti, and Jamaica are all floundering economically and could learn from Cuba.

Cuba’s booming economy requires a large, well educated workforce in order to survive. Not only does Cuba possess such a workforce, but they actually have many more workers than their own needs dictate.

Cuban professionals are considered the most efficient, talented, and reliable in the region, and Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Many Cubans can speak two, three, or even four languages. Can Cayman boast anything close to this? Certainly not.

And Cuba does not hoard their good fortune and talent as the rest of us do! Cuban doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, accountants, social workers, and athletes can be found in every Caribbean country, rich or poor.

Cubans have also been present in great numbers in Haiti since the recent elections: helping to reform the justice systems, rebuild the medical centres and hospitals, and develop the educational policies of the Western hemisphere’s poorest nation.

Caribbean nationals are also regular patients in Cuban hospitals, and regular students in Cuban schools and universities. Cayman, one of the wealthiest countries in the region, can scarcely spare a meagre sum for our neighbour’s benefit.

I also feel it is important to address the concerns people have voiced about President Fidel Castro.

Far from a ruthless dictator or a power hungry communist, Castro has lived his life as an example to other Caribbean leaders. Is he perfect? No.

There are definitely faults, such as some major violations of human rights, which he is responsible for.

That said Fidel has lived his life in the service of his people. I challenge every reader to research the improvements made in Cuba since the beginning of his administration.

Again and again, his actions illustrate concern for the poor and interest in the common man. Maybe our own leaders can take a page out of Fidel’s book!

Although I am very young, I can almost guarantee that older Caymanians can recall few local political figures that have done such a service to their people as Fidel has done to his!

Even in Cayman, we have poor and distressed residents, but the greed that has engulfed our people has begun to cloud the concern and love for our fellow man that used to be part of our nature!

Needless to say, I am angry with those of you who insist that Cuba is a backwards society that can only benefit from the demise of their dictator and the establishment of American economic imperialism.

I am praying that Cuba will remain sovereign and truly free, and above all true to it’s people.
Donovon Kellyman