Poll: People want election in Nov. ’08

By a landslide margin, respondents to the latest caycompass.com on-line poll think the next General Elections should be held in November 2008.

Of the 447 respondents to the two-week poll, 259 (57.9 per cent) said the sooner the elections were held the better and chose the November 2008 option. Only 81 respondents (18.1 per cent) thought the elections should go to November 2009.

An additional 44 people (9.8 per cent) thought the election should be held in May 2009, while 63 people (14.1 per cent) responded ‘who cares’ to the question.

Many of those who chose November 2008 expressed their disappointment with the People’s Progressive Movement Government.

‘I am a PPM voter but not anymore,’ said one person. ‘Ever since this government came to power, everything is going bad. Look around, nothing is going on here.’

‘The need for change is desperate,’ said another person. ‘[It’s] similar to a dehydrated beer drinker walking through the Sahara.’

There were also, however, other reasons people want to see the election in November 2008.

‘It’s not necessarily the sooner the better, but a good-faith approach of what would have been the date of the next election were it not for the change due to Hurricane Ivan,’ said one person.

‘November 2008, because that is when the next election is due,’ said another person. ‘As for those in the House now, if they really are doing their job, it shouldn’t matter whether the election is called in 2008, 2009 or tomorrow because they would stand a good chance to get re-elected.’

Of the people who thought the election should be held in May 2009, most thought is was the fair option.

‘Fair is fair,’ said one respondent. ‘Government should be able to serve their intended term.’

‘The PPM deserves four years, no more, no less,’ said another person.

One person suggested a compromise of splitting the six months difference and having the elections in February 2009 with the idea of having the following election after that in November 2012.

Many people commented that they thought the elections should be back in November.

‘It has to get back on track,’ said one person.

Those who thought the elections should be in May 2009 thought the PPM needed the time.

‘The present Government needs more time to straighten out the country,’ said one person.

‘The UDP had extra time so the PPM should be allowed to have their full term plus the extra time to equal things out,’ said another person.

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