Man charged in diamond heist

An Islands Companies employee is in court on charges he stole diamonds worth $323,314.78 in January.

Kevin Shawn Anderson, 33, appeared in Summary Court on 8 February.

Crown Counsel Kirsti- Ann Gunn said there was evidence from closed circuit television that allegedly showed the defendant opening a safe, removing a box, taking items and replacing the box outside working hours.

Defence Attorney Clyde Allen told Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale his instructions were that Anderson had taken nothing and had never been in trouble before.

Mr. Allen said the defendant, a Jamaican national, has been on the island 11 years. His job with the company was as quasi-security guard and he had keys for all the offices. The company called him all hours of the day or night if an alarm went off.

He said there was an occasion when a pest control service went in to spray and Anderson did move boxes to allow the spraying.

The attorney said he had not yet seen the video showing the activity alleged, but hoped to do so in the coming week.

Ms Gunn agreed that Anderson was part of security, but said he did not have a key to the manager’s office and was never given permission to enter.

She objected to bail, saying Anderson was a flight risk and had insufficient ties to Cayman.

The court was advised that Anderson was on a final work permit and would have been rolled over when it expired in October.

The magistrate said on the face of it there was visual evidence of Anderson’s unlawful entry to the safe. He was a foreigner on work permit and despite 11 years did not have any status. As a result of this charge, he now had no job. She therefore remanded him in custody.

But, the magistrate told Mr. Allen, if identification became an issue after he viewed the video, he could raise the matter again. The next date set was 15 February.