Self Help Foundation assists child

The New Self Help Community Foundation recently presented a cheque to assist a local family.

The donation will help defray the medical costs of an umbilical hernia operation for young Janieke Martinez.

‘The Foundation’s main goal is to help youth of today develop a sense of self-worth and help them recognize their full potential,’ Self-Help Foundation’s CEO JC Connor said in a press release.

‘The Foundation is appealing to other contributors to assist this family, who is fatherless, with a hope that by recognizing the needs of our young people and helping them reach their full potential, more young persons in our society will achieve success, mentally, physically and spiritually.’

He added the Foundation is grateful to the sponsors, donors and patrons of the Foundation’s Talent Exposition of the Arts, which contributes to the Foundation’s funds to assist in creating and facilitating opportunities and assistance for the youth of Cayman.