Cayman style outdoor café

A new café in George Town will offer a little bit of Europe, a little bit of America and a little bit of Cayman to residents and visitors.

Regatta Cafe

Regatta Café manager Gareth Hall, right, and employee Kerry-Ann Burnett serve a customer.

The Regatta Café on the ground floor of the West Wind Building on Harbour Drive makes up for its small size with a surprisingly varied selection of offerings.

‘We maximise our space very efficiently,’ says café manager Gareth Hall.

Appropriately, one of the principle items the café sells is coffee, but it’s just not any coffee, it’s Illy. The Italian-made Illy is known for its quality, especially with regard to its espresso.

‘Europeans really appreciate the Illy brand,’ said Mr. Hall.

To make its Illy coffee, the Regatta Café uses the newest brewing machine available in Europe.

‘It can make 350 espressos in an hour,’ said Mr. Hall.

In addition to coffee, Regatta Café offers a variety of breakfast and lunch foods, as well as treats.

There are donuts, pastries, muffins; pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches and salads; and soft pretzels, fruit salads and soft-serve ice cream.

The latter has been an early hit with the cruise ship passengers. Using Breyer’s brand ice cream, the soft serve machine can mix what are usually used as coatings – things like cookie crumbs and candy pieces – into the ice cream itself.

Regatta Café also has another big asset: a liquor licence. In addition to serving beer and wine, it also serves frozen margaritas and daiquiris; mudslides and even champagne. There are also frozen fruit smoothies for the kids.

With its location right across from the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal, the Regatta Café is sure to attract many cruise ship passengers.

However, the café also caters to the local market by staying open seven days a week. It is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and from 8:30 to 5 on weekends.

The Regatta Café has also already signed some catering contracts for breakfast and morning tea, as well as lunch. Mr. Hall said one firm gets morning tea delivered for board meetings.

Because it has such limited space to work with, Regatta Café cannot afford to have products that don’t sell well. It will discontinue any items which turn out to be slow sellers and then bring in new items.

‘We’re not a franchise so we can do whatever the market wants,’ said Mr. Hall.