Cubans aren’t well off

I don’t normally comment on Letters to The Editor, but Mr. Kellyman’s one-sided letter regarding Cuba really struck a nerve.

It angers me that idealistic youth who grow up with freedom and prosperity in the Cayman Islands can write about how great the Cuban people live under communism, without the luxury of ‘walking the walk’.

Cubans are NOT well off, where does the writer of this article get this information?

The average Cuban salary is the equivalent of US$15 a month; is that better off than others in the Caribbean? Are you aware the government still controls everything there, including rationing of goods and services?

Would YOU like the government to have the final say whether you buy a car, where you live and what you do for a living?

Cubans receive relatively high quality health care and education, but at the expense of personal, political and economic freedom (something many of us take for granted).

Perhaps the idealistic author ought to interview in three of four different languages the hundreds of unfortunate Cubans that show up in ramshackle boats off our shores to see what a paradise Castro’s Cuba truly is.

Perhaps the author can explain why over one million Cubans have left since the revolution, never to return.

The author is correct that Cuba has enormous potential, but under an inefficient centralized autocracy and little private enterprise, that vast potential isn’t even CLOSE to being fulfilled.

The only way you will see Cuba come close to reaching its economic and social potential, is the day that Castro passes away and the Cuban people abandon communism for good.

Trevor Kidd