Think of politics tomorrow

I am very often asked if I will be a candidate in the next general elections; whenever those elections are supposed to be held.

The truth is that it is so much easier being answerable to me than to so many people, many of whom refuse to take politics to mean anything more than a way to satisfy their immediate interest and needs.

Unfortunately in the period running up to the election many think not of the results of governance but about what they can get for themselves during the campaign.

Many voters have told me that things are worse now than they were when I and some others were in government.

To me this does not mean I could win a seat in George Town in the next general election. Excuse me for being so blunt but I think that much of the talk about the PPM government is a direct result of the fact that we are still not ready to face consequences that flow from our day to day decisions.

In 2001 Kirk proclaimed that the country was broke; we had no money. He was replaced as leader, money was found without borrowing large sums and indebting the future of our children; yet the people protested. They wanted Kirk back.

Today nobody can honestly accuse me of not spelling out why the PPM could not lead this country in the right direction.

My participation in the so call coup de tat of 2001 was a clear and powerful demonstration of my position with regards to Kirk.

The fact that he was able to win back leadership in 2005 by yelling, ‘vote for a government you can trust,’ still does not make him a good leader. However, this time around he did not say the country was broke. We had left too much money in the treasury. This time the money has been spent so fast as to begin indebting the future of the next generations.

I might stumble and I might fall but get up I will. This is not the courage and patience of the next generation that will be asked to pay the debts being created to make the PPM government look good. The roads are fine, more of our youth die each month, new schools are needed even if we have not solved the issue of academic failure among our children, the civil service need more modern accommodations, even when they continue to stifle the growth of political accountability and yes we need a new airport even if tourist air arrivals are declining. Who will pay for Kirk today?

The people trusted the PPM and now their administration is doing everything at one time without a though of who will pay. If you and me had an open check book and had not to think about who will pay we could accomplish great things also. But our credit is limited and we cannot afford to borrow and borrow away our children’s choices.

To those who say things are bad now, it is not so much that things may be bad but that the picture of our children’s future will look like hell if we don’t start thinking the politics of the future rather than the politics of today.

Frank McField

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