Protect our young drivers

I’m just returning home after a two-week vacation off island and was reading the newspapers to get caught up with the news.

I read the Editorial in the 30 January edition of your paper, which dealt with our young drivers speeding and I must say I agree whole heartedly.

Suggestions to help deter these senseless deaths? When a youth is caught speeding, take their license away for a year or two. No questions asked, just automatically relieve them of their dearest treasure: their drivers license.

Also, why can’t Government or the private sector get behind Robert Campbell of Campbell’s Auto and help him complete the Breakers Speedway?

If the youths have a place where they can go and drive in a safe environment and also get good driving education, we’ll see a drastic change on our roads.

Make Drivers Ed a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Classes can take place on weekends at the Speedway.

Something has to be done; our young men are killing themselves off before they can take their place in society. No price is too high in order to save our precious young people….our future.

Della Campbell