Rebuttal of Cuba letter

I feel compelled to rebut the letter extolling the virtues of Castro and his Cuba.

Having had family members live under his tyrannical dictatorship, I do feel like I have some first-hand knowledge.

One of my dear aunts lived there before, in the glory days, and then after, when Castro ruined Cuba. She has told many stories of what it was like to live there under Castro and Communism.

One that comes to mind is what we call the chicken story.

The Castro Government rations all food, limiting them to very little meat. Whenever she got a chicken, it was always sick, (worms) scrawny and half dead. She would keep it alive by giving it medicine from her husband’s allotment and then when she got another one, she would do the same until they were healthy enough, not to eat, but to give them something as precious as gold – fresh eggs!

She had them trained to be quiet and not to crow as they were forbidden by the government to own any chickens themselves. (Good old Caymanian smarts!) She would share the eggs with elderly neighbours until one day the inevitable happened.

She was turned in by a Castro informer! The Government immediately sent police to take away and destroy her chickens.

Doesn’t that sound like Paradise to you? Doesn’t that make you want to go and live there among the oppressed Cubans?

The writer of that letter must be either (1) crazy (2) brainwashed or (3) just plain ignorant.

Richard N. Parsn