Teen has tips on speeding

Speeding…Why do we do it? What do we get from doing it? Why do we still do it knowing what the outcome may be?

These are some questions that remain unanswered today.

I am a teenager. I once was a speeder on the streets.

I have lost my licence for a year and had a large fine to pay. I attended college and worked part-time within the time that I have had my licence suspended for.

Life is not easy without a licence at my age you no longer have the freedom of being able to get into your vehicle and drive anywhere as you please.

Whenever there is something you need to do, you either have to inconvenience others or hustle to find a way of getting around.

I am grateful that I lost my licence, for the main reason that had I still been able to drive on the road, I might not be here today.

What young people like myself need to realize is that we are not invincible.

There have been many suggestions as to what can be done to reduce the number of deaths on our roads.

There are some that make a lot of sense and there are some to my own opinion that makes no sense at all.

My thoughts on what should be done are:

Driver’s licence age changed to 18.

Driver’s Education be offered at all high schools.

The use of speed traps (the camera type).

Serious penalties to anyone caught speeding such as maybe suspending their licence for a period of up to six months depending on severity.

Imply a curfew for drivers who have not had their licence for up to 18 months.

If modifications are being done to the vehicle, have them install a speed limiter to ensure they do not speed on the road, and have it removed by someone authorized at the racetrack where speeding it is meant to be done.

I am sure there are lots of other suggestions, but that is all that I will voice my opinion on for right now.

Jason Ebanks