Today’s Editorial February 14: Let all love shine today

Today could be one of division.

There are those who have sweethearts and those who don’t.

Those with are probably expecting big things from their mate – a dozen long stem roses, diamonds, a new car.

Those without may just be wishing that those with sweeties get a nasty case of pinkeye.

Now, now.

Valentine’s Day is about so much more than tangible items like diamond rings, boxes of expensive chocolates and fancy eat-out dinners.

It’s a day you can devote to kindness to others.

Whether you have a sweetie to dote on or not, there are myriad ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without overextending your budget.

Cook your mate or your friends a special meal and spend the time chatting over dinner.

Create a coupon book. If you’ve got a sweetheart, include coupons for his or her favourite things like a night of no chores, a 15-minute foot rub or a romantic dinner for two.

If you haven’t got a sweetheart, the coupon book can be used for that elderly neighbour down the road or the single mom juggling a career and home. Their coupons can be for some free time at the spa for the mom or a raked yard or a trip to the supermarket for the neighbour.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but it doesn’t have to be the romantic kind.

It can be filled with the love thy neighbour kind of affection.

Let’s each take this day and reflect on the others in our lives; family, friends, co-workers, the people we encounter each day as we do our jobs and our chores.

Remember what this day is when you bump into them today, and smile.

Put aside petty differences and hateful thoughts and words and just be kind.

We bet you’ll find that the nicer you are to the folks in your life, the better you’ll feel and the nicer you’ll be treated.

Go ahead, try it.

And happy Valentine’s Day.