Valid identification system needed

I am a young Caymanian aged 19.

I do not possess a driver’s licence. There have been many instances where I have gone to places to run simple errands but could not get through with what I intended on doing because of the main reason that I do not have a valid form of identification present with me.

I do understand that my passport can be used as a form of identification, but I personally am not fond of walking around with my passport for the main reason that I like to keep things of that importance secured and in a safe place.

What I am implying in this letter is that there should be some form of identification for all Caymanians of all ages, also, there should be a fingerprinting system for all Caymanians from a young age, which I think will help cut down in the number of crimes and help the police officers in doing their job accurately.

Having this in place will definitely make it easier for people like myself who do not possess valid identification or who are not fond of carrying around valuable items such as a passport.
Thank you for you time.

Jason Ebanks