Kids shouldn’t see Norbit

I have just returned from the cinema after watching the movie Norbit.

The cinema was packed with children, some as young as only five years old. The film is OK for adults, but is certainly not OK for children.

Something has to be done to stop young impressionable kids from watching such movies!

Do we want our children to think it is OK to hate blacks and Jews, or that it is acceptable to cheat on your husband, both as portrayed in the film?

Sexual innuendo, violence and abusive language are also amplified throughout the whole film.

Children younger than 16, with a parent or not, should not be exposed to this behaviour.

The media has a major influence on all of us and I strongly believe that this is a major contributing factor for the reason society is so rapidly changing. Remember, I clearly saw at least 50 children younger than 14 tonight with many younger than 10. This is not acceptable and has to stop!

Darren Holmes