Anti-Marine letter hateful

In response to the politically filled rhetoric about the Marines and their story of bravery, I am saddened that the Compass would allow such a politically motivated letter to be published (24 January, 2007).

From the angry tone of the letter, I can only guess that the person writing this sad note is quite partisan and is another US hater.

It is so scattered in its scope, I will not refute the wild accusations with facts, but it is laced with inaccuracies. It appears all in the name of a rather vague notion of religion interspersed with hate for President Bush.

In this world filled with so much good, there is no place for such a vile attack on the Marines or their families. It is their choice to do what they have elected to perform; not mine, nor the hate filled writer of the letter.

Certainly people make mistakes and in the Iraq situation that has occurred. However, there is no malice intended or an attempt by anyone to satisfy any desire to harm another.

All each of us can really do is to ask God for help in doing the best we can on a daily basis, and to pray that we make excellent choices in our own lives. Denigrating another (the Marines and the United States in general in this instance) is not only wrong, but reprehensible.

We all can do better than to stoop to writing such harmful words.

Jerry Burton