Dr. Frank faces new charges

Former government minister Frank McField faces two new charges, arising from an incident along the Harquail Bypass on 9 November.

He is accused of disorderly conduct and threatening violence.

Dr. Frank, as he is known, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday. It was the date originally set for a trial of charges arising from an incident in September.

That matter involved allegations of obstructing and assaulting police, along with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening violence. As previously reported, the incident leading to these charges occurred in the early hours of 15 September on Shamrock Road after a traffic fatality.

Dr. Frank pleaded not guilty in October and this week’s trial date was set.

On Tuesday, Crown Counsel Kirsti-Ann Gunn said the trial could not take place at this time. Partly because of scheduling difficulties and partly because of police officers being on training courses off island, it appeared that the trial could not go ahead until September.

Mrs. Gunn did not provide any details of the new charges.

Defence Attorney Clyde Allen asked for papers in the case.

Both matters were adjourned until 13 March.