Cayman filled with warm memories

I am writing to tell you that my family and I visited the Caymans in 1966-1968.

We met lots of wonderful people. From the Galleon Beach Hotel, I met busboy John Hodgson, who I would like to see again, and also I met my first boyfriend there, Harwood Jackson, who worked on Mitch Miller’s homes.

I think of the excitement we had and the warm, friendly atmosphere.

We would dance all night, watch the sunset, swim and enjoy all the wonderful sights.

The one family I wanted to see again but didn’t were the Slacks, Keay and Denise; they were an exceptional family.

I adore the islands. My brother told me that it is quite expensive down there now.

A lot of my friends have either moved or passed on. Grand Cayman is a perfect getaway for anyone.

I wish my family and I could afford to visit your amazing artwork of the islands. Anyway, keep the island looking beautiful.

Helen Petrie (nee Baker)