Honesty is the best policy

On 8 February my sister (accidentally) left her purse at Esso Gas Station ‘On the Run’ on Walkers Road. After much stress and wondering where the purse was, I decided to return to the gas station and enquire.

The attendant there however, was on a new shift and said he didn’t know anything about it but he would check. The next day I got a message from the gas station that the purse had been found and handed in to the office.

I immediately picked it up and we were all more than pleased at the immediate response.

I would like to thank the gas station and all the attendants for being so kind and honest in finding and returning the purse to my sister all intact. They say honesty is the best policy but in today’s busy lifestyle I think it’s more than that! A miracle?

On the same subject I was told that a lady’s purse fell out of her car at the Texaco gas station on the same road, and someone quickly picked it up and put it in their own car.

However the security camera picked up the scene and the driver was confronted with what had happened, but denied it. The police had to be called to that incident and the purse was returned to its rightful owner.

Joan Wilson