People do have a say

I wish to commend Mr. Hawley for what I believe are very sincere sentiments, in response to my previous missive.

It is very important that we all are now able to freely express our beliefs and sentiments in the open.

No legislation was needed, nor has any been provided, therefore it is my opinion that indeed the motivation cannot be attributed to just one source.

It is also important that we all recognize that debate is healthy, as is intended in this letter and I am sure is the intent of Mr. Hawley’s.

We certainly are not portraying antagonistic or insulting behaviour, as was recently carried out in our hallowed parliament under the guise of yet another apparent freedom/parliamentary privilege. There are many of us who cannot and will not applaud such actions

The people have spoken in the past, are speaking in the present and will most certainly speak in the very near future exercising yet another form of freedom (the right to elect/select our leaders every four years, no extensions constitutionally considered but perhaps exercisable as yet another aspect of freedom championed by the elected administration).

The constitution was not provided by the present administration, but by our forefathers, we can all remember that just 19 months ago its long needed revision was an imperative, largely and strongly applauded, but remains still a campaign promise.

One day the applause on this particular time of our history may be loud or none at all, praised by some, and vilified by others, but what is certain, is that as long as we remain a democracy the people must have and will have their say in more ways than one.

I rest my case on this matter.
John Henry Ebanks