Trash the political garbage

As I read the articles from both sides of the rollover issue all I can think is sounds like political posturing.

The No. 1 evil of two party politics; just look north at the US at all the time and energy wasted on power struggles that could be used to better the country.

I urge the leaders and members of both parties to work on solutions to problems together for the benefit of your constituents.

Political bickering, finger pointing and he said/ she said only split a country and never unify it (as well as wastes the people of the country’s money).

I firmly believe that party lines need to be removed and the best of the best elected to office.

The best are the ones who really care and are looking out for the people, not those posturing for power, focused on the next election or whose loyalty is to their party in place of the people.

I urge all politicians in the Cayman Islands to strive for accomplishments for the people and not accolades for themselves and their party.

The leaders of the great Christian country, in which the Cayman Islands are, need to remember to rule in the not to cast stones method and need to remember the ways of our Lord who worked not for fame and power but for the good of us all.

In working that way, transparent and with out accolade, is where you find the talents given to you reap the best rewards and will build your legacy not as a politician but as a men (and women) of Christ and the people.

Your islands are so beautiful, please do not litter them with political garbage, but work together and offer solutions for the best of all.

Jim Mihalic

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