Colombian Expo moves to Lions Centre

Cayman residents have one more chance to visit a novelty products trade show that has people talking.

Edwardo Valencia

Edwardo Valencia demonstrates the use of the universal super filter used for blender juicing. Photo: Jewel Levy

Expo Colombia will be at the Lions Centre until 5 March, featuring more than 200 different novelty items in 20 booths.

Manager Javier Caro Castro said they are expecting an even larger turnout than at the one held recently in East End which attracted visitors island-wide.

Since its opening, more than 5,000 residents have visited the show.

At the event, 36 enthusiastic and skilful Colombians well-versed in all aspects of the products they are selling demonstrate uses to achieve better results.

Products range from blender filters to combination knives that seems to handle every job at hand from stripping wire to cutting glass and tiles.

Gel to keep plants living longer, eye check-ups that tell you about your health, super glue, magic peeler, toothbrush holders, cow horn jewellry, leather goods, meat mincers, waist shrinkers, non-stick pans, and collapsible hangers are among the items for purchase.

Buyers visiting the expo were enthusiastic about the new show. ‘There’s a really good variety of products to choose from,’ said shopper Guillermo Nunez.

‘We were pleased with buyer turnout,’ said Mr. Castro. The people like the products and the prices are good. We did have some comments of the show being held too far (out) which is why we are moving to the Lions Centre so that more residents on the western end of the island get a chance to see and purchase some of the products.’

There is an entrance fee of $3 which covers visits to each booth and all demonstrations.

Because the show has been so popular with residents Mr. Castro said they will be returning next year with different products.