Drinking and driving criminal

Rhetoric is something we see a lot of in our newspapers and media in general.

It is used to position yourself or your organization in the public eye without really doing much more than spouting the rhetoric.

Time for action is upon the people of Cayman.

The carnage and deaths we see on the roads in Cayman are unacceptable. Time for rhetoric has ended and it behoves all of us and the Government to take action.

Many people look to the police force and demand action.

This is a natural reaction but we must remember that our officers enforce the law; they don’t write or make it.

Driving under the influence is a serious offence with serious consequences, which should result in serious charges falling under the criminal code, as in many other countries.

In Cayman, this crime still falls under the Traffic Law. This is a flaw that needs to be changed.

By introducing the necessary legislation and criminalising drinking and driving, Government will provide more teeth to law enforcement.

This will serve two further purposes. A deterrent for many and changing the mindset at large – society views drinking and driving as a crime, not just a traffic offence.

This problem needs to be addressed from different angles. Many are taking steps where they can, such as MattSafe and other programmes aimed at education. Continued and expanded road blocks with new bigger teeth for police will eventually quell the insanity we have all witnessed over the last year.

You can do your part by finishing this sentence and calling your MLA and demanding action on the criminalization of drinking and driving.

Baz Durzi