Divi owner feels cheated

As a timeshare owner it is my belief that Divi Resorts is continuing to exert pressure on those of us who refused to give up our timeshare.

We have received a second letter from them, after the time limit on the first letter and options ran out, that no longer contains retaining ownership in Cayman Brac as an option.

Many of the original owners’ contracts contained a clause giving us use of the Divi Tiara’s facilities as part of our contract.

I believe none of us would have been willing to purchase without it amenities. And closing the resort breached our contract with them.

Divi has now promised that they will raise our maintenance fees to astounding heights. We paid for several years when we were not allowed to use our units and they were certainly not well maintained for many years before that.

The property containing the hotel had not been kept up either. The only work I saw that had been done on it appeared to have been done by the staff. And I personally saw dive staff working on replacing the dock and its buildings.

Divi is now opening new timeshares in Bonaire and Aruba according to presentations at resort and travel conventions.

Have our maintenance fees gone to pay for these and can new buyers expect to be treated any better than we have?

We certainly have not been offered new homes in them. We have only been offered as trade, very old run down units in Bonaire, which are just a hotel room with a kitchenette and do not compare at all with what we purchased on the Brac.

Divi Resorts has proven itself to be uncaring in its dealings with its members and employees.

Lydia Adkins – Cordele, GA