Keeping active in spite of the desk job


Hours sitting at a desk can play havoc with one’s circulation system and level of energy.

It can also take a toll on our body through strained eyes, sore necks and tight lower backs. After eight hours of sitting, fatigue is often the end of the day reward.

Keeping active

Plan an evening walk, yoga class, gym session or pool workout.

For those with weight loss in mind, long hours at a desk can result in lowered metabolism which may encourage weight gain. This is doubly impacted by the familiar habit of many desk junkies of snacking to fend off boredom.

This writer recognizes the challenges of a sedentary type of job and the role it can play in overall health as well as weight management.

During a major part of my own weight loss progress, I held an administrative office position. Coupled with the fact that this was on the east coast of Canada where brutal winters were the norm, maintaining a level of physical activity to support weight loss was a challenge. Not, however, an insurmountable one.

The following proactive measures are tried and true and will help the desk-bound increase energy, remain active and keep metabolism boosted for overall health and weight management.

Make it your intention to become more active. Step 1.

Determine when you will plan daily activity, and what works for you. Time options for daily activity include:

– Early morning, before work. The sun is rising earlier now.

– Walking or biking to work. A common scene in many places worldwide.

– A trip to the gym or home fitness machine during your lunchtime break.

– Immediately after work before lethargy sets in.

– Bring your fitness wear to work. Walk home or drive immediately to your gym/class/pool or instructor upon leaving the office.

– Plan an evening walk, yoga class, gym session or pool workout.

Stay energized at work by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting up from your desk for mini-walks and stretches every hour or so.

The wonderful weather we enjoy in Cayman makes for a playground of activity; those from colder countries will recall the extra motivation it takes to head out for activity in freezing temperatures.

I can just imagine a parade of colourful umbrellas as zesty office workers pile out at lunchtime to do a walkabout in downtown George Town.

Be proactive and active; don’t let a desk job hold you down.

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