North Side, best side

As a part-time resident and rental homeowner in North Side, I totally agree with the sentiments put forth by Ms Moyle, Mr. Miller and the other attendees at the recent National Tourism Management Policy meeting in North Side.

I have many feedback letters from my past guests at Far Tortuga, North Side, praising the North Side experience as quaint, quiet, with a very friendly local atmosphere.

The guests actually get to meet real, live Caymanians at Chisholm’s market, Over The Edge restaurant, Driftwood, Kaibo and when the take their children to play at the North Side play ground, the children meet Caymanian children to play with.

Even if they are just out for a walk or bike ride they get hellos from the neighbours. Try that on 7 Mile Beach; spend a week there and you might think you were anywhere but Grand Cayman.

You could count the Caymanians you meet there on one hand and still have a finger left over for the traffic.

The main issue is that my guests get a better Island experience in North Side.

I have over 35 per cent return and/or referral guests yearly. Some have booked for five or six years straight.

I have been to many of the Caribbean Islands; I came here first in 1986 for the Million Dollar Month fishing tournament.

Yes, 7 Mile Beach was terrific then; not anymore – traffic, hassles, congestion and mega hotels…(Think Miami Beach).

Come to think about it you could probably find more Caymanians in Miami Beach than on 7 Mile Beach!

Sitting at any bar or restaurant in North Side, you will hear tourists staying on 7 Mile Beach travelling around the Island complain about ‘that’ side of the Island and they say it’s like two different Islands.

They prefer North Side!

Keep North Side quaint, quiet, friendly- no tall buildings, no mega hotels and no commercialism. Promote it as it is…Real Cayman.

North Side, Best Side!!!!

Vince Macaluso
Far Tortuga, North Side

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