Cayman has many problems

The government in the Cayman Islands is facing many huge issues.

The first one of course is the Go East initiative.

It is so scary to sit back and watch them put tourism first.

Yes, there are good reasons that the Cayman tourist industry is suffering….high airfare, a desire to attract the wealthy above all else, the development which has taken place, and now the desired development of the only peaceful areas on the island.

I think they are out of their minds.

People come to Cayman to leave the rat race.

After one visit most do not return as the cost of food and entertainment has put them in the poor house for years.

Cayman needs to get its economy in order. Even the locals can hardly survive. Most live in substandard conditions. The schools suffer in both facilities and education.

It irks me to no end to see the Government spending its time addressing cigarettes instead of the real issues facing the health of its Islands and its people.

My family is now trading our timeshare on Cayman for places like Mexico, Belize and the Dominican Republic.

The people are so friendly like in Cayman, the prices are fair, and we get away from the hectic day-to-day life and totally relax. And we always feel free to have a cigarette outside after dinner if we choose.

Mary White

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