Children need love, control

Please allow me a space to express my feelings and thoughts about the recent suspension of a teacher at Red Bay School.

I don’t know exactly what took place or who was at fault. If the teacher was wrong of course I expect he/she to be disciplined.

What I have a problem with is the way children are now disrespecting their teachers.

I am a mother of three children, two of which are in primary school.

At times I hear and see some ways children are being extremely disrespectful t their teachers. I know this because I have a sister who has been teaching in the public school system for over 20 years. It is almost unbelievable when I hear some of the things teachers put up with.

I feel that we as parents must come to grips with our children’s behaviour.

There are some children in classes who are disruptive compared to a handful of children who really want to learn. For me this is a problem.

I would like to challenge each and every parent who knows they have children who are bullies, disruptive and lack discipline to get them under some type of control.

I have heard from student’s stories where parents come to the schools and challenge teachers in front of their children and other students and even fight the teachers in front of them.

Who ever heard of this type of behaviour when we were children?

If we were disrespectful to our teachers, other adults or even a peer we were disciplined.

What are we as a country going to do with our children?

Do we think the teachers are going to lose anything?

We must remind our children that our country depends on them to be good students and citizens, also to be respectful to all they come in contact with.

At present I feel we are losing a whole generation of young people not by accidents alone but also to illiteracy and lack of manners and respect. This is not what Cayman is known for; we need to get back to instil these very important good habits to our children.

We live in a society where we feel as parents if we don’t give our children what they want they are not going to love us.

Let me say this; our children want nothing more than our love, time and for us to be in control. They learn to control their own lives and make good decisions.

This subject has been a burden on my heart for a while now. As I see so many of our young people out of control and running their own lives, I wonder for how much longer are we going to not sit up and take notice, come to agreement that we need to take back our young people.

We must go back to not only taking interest in our own children but also take interest in the children of our country.

Let’s all join together and pray for our youth as they are our future and we must change and work with teachers and anyone else that maybe filling our space when we are not around.

Darlene Manzanares

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