Today’s Editorial April 10: Earth needs all our attention

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Stop complaining about the litter that is smothering our Islands and do something about it.

This month we celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week.

Why we should have to set aside a day or a week out of one month to focus on cleaning up our planet is baffling.

It is something that should be done by everyone every day.

Public concern for the environment – at least on paper – is a priority issue. But how is that public concern reflected in the way we live daily?

We would all be better off taking a look at North Side where community beautification is a priority to those who live there.

The beautification committee there has set out trash barrels so visitors and residents have a place to throw those soda cans and fast food bags instead of littering the roads.

But that’s not all the members are doing.

They meet the first Saturday of each month to fan out and rid the district of litter.

Earth Day will be celebrated the weekend of 21-22 April.

There are lots of events planned through various organisations like the Chamber of Commerce and the National Trust.

It’s your chance to go out and join in the effort to help clean up Mother Earth.

We should all be volunteering each day to do our part to keep our Islands clean.

But if you don’t have time to do it daily, take time this month to volunteer.

And then do more.

Call your government representative and insist the Cayman Islands adopt a recycling policy for all plastics, glass and paper.

One of our newest businesses – Caybrew – is beginning a recycling programme for glass. Kudos to them.

While you’re on the phone with your representative ask them to consider and pass legislation to ban plastic shopping bags.

You can help yourself by taking along a cloth tote to collect your groceries or other retail goods and turning down the plastic bags while shopping.

We were all placed on this planet to be good stewards of Earth.

It shouldn’t take a special day or a special week to make us aware of the need to keep our country clean.

It should be ingrained in all of us.

Need something to do?

Go clean up.

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