Children’s cough medicine recalled

The Public Health Department is advising merchants to remove Mucinex Children’s Cough Expectorant (code #8785678) and Mucinex Children’s Cough (code # 8785679) from their shelves.

‘The public is advised not to use these medications with these codes, ‘said Director of Public Health Dr. Kiran Kumar.

The voluntary recall was issued after the manufacturer Adams Respiratory Therapeutics noted that incorrect markings on the dosage cup may lead to overdosing.

Foster’s Food Fair IGA issued a press release announcing the voluntary warning and recall by the manufacturer and to ensure the safety and well being of all its customers and their children.

The recall is due to a dosing cup error included in the product packaging that may cause confusion in determining the proper dose of medication for children.

‘Moving forward, until we have a guarantee of the safety of the effected Mucinex Children’s Expectorant and Children’s Cough products, this product will not be available in any of our stores. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, however the safety and well being of our customers is our top priority,’ stated the press release.

Foster’s Food Fair IGA would also like to encourage all customers who have purchased Mucinex Children’s Expectorant and Children’s Cough products to check the product codes and return the effected product to their Foster’s Food Fair IGA of purchase for a full refund. The effected product codes are 3-63824-17364 and 3-63824-17464

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