Pinching, poking at nightclubs

I would like to draw your attention and that of your readers to a rather disturbing situation that has developed in some of the nightclubs on your beautiful island of Grand Cayman.

It all started innocently enough when my girlfriend from Peru and two of her girlfriends decided to have a night out eating, drinking and dancing.

The club they went to was very full, which means you occasionally bump into other people. It is unavoidable and quite natural to have to push your way through, always with an ‘excuse me, can I pass through’ or an apology if you touch another person by mistake. In fact, during the two evenings that we went dancing I brushed against other people and vice versa and every time the other person or I apologized.

What I tell you now is absolutely rude, unacceptable and brings a bad reputation to your beautiful islands.

Several times during the evening young men reached out and either pinched or poked the three girls. This was done in a fashion that they could not actually see who was doing the pinching and poking. It happened several times on the dance floor and many times while walking around the club.

The young men will quickly reach out with a hand and either pinch or poke the girl either on the back, the leg or the side of her body. It is either a quick poke with a finger or a pinch to the skin. To one of the girls it happened about six times during the second night; to the other girl about 12 times during the two evenings and the third girl no less than 20 times during the two evenings.

I am not talking about accidentally touching someone, but about purposefully reaching out and touching somebody who you do not know. This is disgraceful and unacceptable behaviour. I have travelled all over the world and this is the first time I have seen such anti-social behaviour of this sort.

What gives these young men the right to reach out and touch a tourist and disturb him this way?

If I mage suggest that security cameras be installed inside all the clubs and signs put up that strictly forbid unnecessarily touching others. Anybody misbehaving should be thrown out of the club immediately.

For the sake of all tourists who simply want to have a nice night out with our girlfriends and enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of your island people, I beseech you to take care of this problem before it gets out of hand.

Peter Schneider

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