Holy Spirit here

Wherever you go, you hear people complaining that the government is not doing this or is doing that and blaming the government for all the things that are wrong here.

However, you rarely hear Christians bemoaning the states of souls in the Islands.

For years I have been hearing that we are Islands with a Christian heritage. Was this heritage inherited from our family? It certainly was not from God.

The Christianity I know about was passed down to us from our forefathers – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – because salvation is found among the Jews. My concern is who is worshipping the God of our forefathers? Where is the proof of God in the Cayman Islands? So many denominations and still no proof!

What about the greatest commandment in the Bible – loving God and our neighbours as ourselves? There is not much evidence of that here.

I have been longing for years to find people who believe in God and who have a relationship with Him. Where are the Kingdom people?

When Jesus walked on earth, He accused the rulers in the synagogues of not entering the Kingdom and keeping the people from going in. That seems to be the same problem today.

I have visited many of these Holy Ghost revivals in various churches, but I have yet so see the guest of honour performing. The people are still in bondage, sick and discouraged. To me, God’s name is only being fronted. God never appears in a place and leaves anyone the way He finds them; there is always change.

It is so sad for us in Cayman that we do not even have a word church; people that really take God’s word literally, proving that God’s word works, not just repeating what the scripture says. What we have here is a lot of religious tradition passed down from one generation to the other and that is the teaching that we get. Many years ago, God said that His people would perish for the lack of knowledge and it is also written that the god of this world, who is Satan, has the people blinded so they will not come to the knowledge of the truth.

That must be the case today. Although the Holy Spirit is here, people refuse to accept Him as their teacher.

I am constantly meeting hurting people who need help but they cannot find such help in the churches.

Some of them are even told not to cry, but to just leave it to God. What more can God do for us? He gave us His son, He gave us his Kingdom and He gave us the Spirit of Truth to teach us so it is now up to us to help those who are in need, both physically and spiritually.

Velma Herod

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