Businesses welcomed in study

The National Assessment Team and Chamber of Commerce are inviting private sector companies to use the opportunity to support the National Assessment of Living Conditions study by donating vouchers as appreciation tokens to study participants or funds for offsetting study costs.

This public-private partnership scheme has been initiated by NAT in order to facilitate possibilities for businesses, via sponsoring this study, to support social development in the Cayman Islands, states a press release.

Businesses are invited to sponsor vouchers as incentives for study participants as well as tokens of appreciation, which will be given to households participating in the study. It is also possible to donate funds for offsetting the cost of NALC trainings and events. Sponsors of the NALC will receive free copy of finalised NALC reports, recognition in media and during study related public events.

NALC is a study about the social and economic situation in the Cayman Islands. Study data will be gathered directly from households and communities. The results of the study will form basis for developing policies, action plans and projects applied across government in order to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Cayman Islands. NALC data will enable Cayman’s economy to be compared regionally.

Presence of sound and accurate socio-economic data is expected to benefit also private sector as it will be fruitful ground for new business ideas and more effective implementation of existing ones.

For information on how to become involved with sponsorship, please contact:

Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Wil Pineau, 925-2323 or [email protected]

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