Senior forecaster hired

The Revenue Unit in the Portfolio of Finance and Economics recently added Senior Forecaster Ryan Skeete to its pool of expertise.

With a solid foundation in economic policy writing, and extensive experience in calculating major economic variables such as gross domestic product and inflation, Mr. Skeete’s main responsibility will be forecasting all government’s tax and non-tax revenue streams.

A highly motivated individual with a knack for the technical side of economics, he also will focus much of his energies on establishing the necessary structures for scientific revenue projections within government.

‘Forecasting is extremely important to a government’s ability to plan for the future. Getting it wrong could mean a budget deficit,’ Mr Skeete said via a press release.

Instead, a systematic approach will ‘allow us to link government revenue directly to what is going on in the overall economy, thereby producing more accurate forecasts,’ he explained.

Although it will be his primary duty, Mr. Skeete’s contribution will not be limited to improving government forecasting methods. In a bid to ‘reach a deeper understanding of the economy,’ he also hopes to spearhead research into all aspects of the economy.

‘If we know what drives the economy, we will know how to improve it,’ he added.

Director of the Revenue Unit Lee Ramoon said he is delighted to welcome Mr Skeete.

His specialist knowledge will certainly play a central role in strengthening our relationships with all government departments and statutory bodies, as we work towards better ways of revenue forecasting.’

Before taking up his position within the Revenue Unit, Mr Skeete worked as an economist for the Central Bank of Barbados. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics from the University of the West Indies, and holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Oxford in the UK.

When not absorbed in the technical details of economics, he enjoys spending time on the beach with his wife, Prosper. He is also an avid runner and cyclist, and likes to play a challenging game of chess every now and then.

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