Bracker can’t find work

I am a young Cayman Brac lady and at present unemployed.

I have applied for many different Government jobs up until the 23rd of March, 2007.

I was interviewed for all the jobs I applied for and later notified I was not selected for the positions. I have also applied in the private sector and still no luck.

I would like to know why I cannot get a job on Cayman Brac especially for the ones I have applied for and I know I am qualified to handle the job. Why is it everywhere you turn on Cayman Brac foreigners are being hired. It seems like our own people don’t want to give us Caymanians a chance.

All you can hear on the radio by Government officials is Caymanians get the first preference with jobs. But according to what I see that’s not happening.

I have even spoken to Leader of Government Business Mr. Kurt Tibbetts about the same problem and he informed me he would call the District Commissioner Mr. Kenny Ryan (past) and look into the matter. It has been nearly seven months and I haven’t heard anything back from the Government concerning about me getting a job.

From last year I was told also by the Acting District Commissioner who is now our District Commissioner that he would do his best to help me get a job and I told him I would appreciate it even if it was a janitorial job and not an office job. Up until this day I haven’t heard from him and still I am unemployed.

Our MLA’s for Cayman Brac have also said they would see what they could do and still no job. I must say in appreciation to our past MLA Mr. Lyndon Martin for giving me a job at his restaurant Martin’s Pizzeria, which has been closed due to him not residing in Cayman Brac anymore. Thank You.

Today is 10 April and I was notified by the District Commissioner’s office that I was again not selected for the position of a support assistant at the Cayman Brac Day Care Centre. I was made to understand a foreign national that is married to a Caymanian got the position.

Now tell me, I am a single mother of an eight-year-old son who was born with a medical condition. I have experience in taking care of a sick child and I know I am more than qualified for the above mentioned position.

I have had a problem at a past job, which I feel is the reason why I am not chosen for any of these jobs I have applied for. I have not been proven of doing any injustice until this day, so why won’t anyone including Government hire me to make something good of my life.

I have been suffering for the past 3 ½ years and have had to rely on Social Services for help. I am sick of being promised by our own people jobs and still I am unemployed.

I hope someone with the responsibility who is looking out for Cayman Brac people will read this letter and give me a chance.

Vanessa Hunter

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