We must appreciate environment

An Earth Day message from Governor Stuart Jack

I am delighted to provide a message of support for Earth Day, which falls on Sunday.

Governor Stuart Jack

Governor Stuart Jack

It is vital for the future of our planet to appreciate the environment we live in and to protect it for our children and future generations to enjoy.

This year’s theme is Protecting Cayman’s Natural Heritage.

It is a truly rich heritage and, together with the people of these islands, it is what makes the Cayman Islands so special: from the coral reefs to the mangroves (that also help to protect us from storms), from magnificent trees to minute orchids, from birds to butterflies.

Some of the indigenous species, notably the Blue Iguana and the Cayman Parrots, will not survive unless we take care to preserve their habitat.

Without this natural heritage the Cayman Islands will not have a distinctive identity; they will not be so pleasant a place to live in, nor will they attract the tourists on which we depend.

We all have a part to play.

My wife and I have helped to plant mangrove and sea grape and to release blue iguanas into the wild and baby turtles into the sea.

We can all help in our everyday activities, in how we treat the areas we live in.

We can, for example, think carefully what we cut down to put up a new building or what we plant in our yards. How about a native species?

To mark Earth Day there are a series of events planned throughout the Cayman Islands to showcase Cayman’s unique environment. I would urge everyone to show your support, get involved and be a part of the fun, and in doing so to ponder for a few minutes about how we can protect our natural heritage.

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