Dewing fundraiser shows community spirit

If there’s one thing the community of the Cayman Islands does well, it’s come together when someone needs help or support.

PC Paul Dewing was struck by a car a few weeks ago whilst walking his dogs along the road. He had to be airlifted to Miami, and sustained numerous broken bones as well as suffering head trauma. Although the RCIP are covering his health costs and the RCIP Welfare Office has been marvellous in looking after his family, his friends and colleagues wanted to make sure that he had a financial buffer to cover those incidental charges that raise their ugly heads under these circumstances – so they held a fundraiser at Sunset House My Bar last Saturday.

‘Do the Dewing’ raised approximately $5,000 thanks to the generosity of numerous sponsors who donated gifts for the raffle, entertainers who gave their time freely, volunteers who relentlessly went out into the crowd to promote the event, and of course, those who made cash donations or bought tickets.

The whole evening started with a great boost from Elite Marble & Granite who stunned the organizers with a donation of $1,000. This spurred others on to open their wallets and purses as they enjoyed a great night’s entertainment, thanks to the talents of DJ Ollie Clarke’s ChunkyGrooves, punk-rock band Suckerbox and Smooth Bill Annie.

Raffle prizes were drawn throughout the night to keep enthusiasm high, with the biggest prizes drawn at the end by two young attendees. The winners were both RCIP officers. PC Tim Balls won the Weekend for Two at the Hyatt with breakfast at Hemingways, and PC Laurence Pilbeam won the Two (2) Open Water Certification courses from Sunset Divers.

The crowd saw a great cross-section of the community, including a number of off-duty RCIP officers coming out to show their support. All in all the night was a resounding success.

PC Paul Dewing thanked everyone via phone from his hospital bed in Miami.

‘I have been constantly moved and astounded by the outpouring of support and generosity shown me over these past very hard weeks. Although it will be a long road to recovery, I can honestly say that my improvements thus far are due in no small part to everyone’s unbelievable kindness, not to mention the strength of my parents through an obviously extremely difficult period. I can’t thank you all enough.’

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