Duane Mitchell hits hole-in-one

Duane Mitchell, General Manager of the Bernard K Passman’s Gallery in George Town, became the first person since hurricane Ivan to get a hole-in-one at the Links of SafeHaven golf course! He achieved this on Sunday, 15 April, at the ninth hole with a 30mph wind blowing in his face. Hitting an 8 iron from the blue tees 145 yards away, the ball bounced twice at the back of the green and disappeared. When the foursome got across to the island green, Duane started to look for his ball. The ball at the front was someone elses so he checked the sand bunker at the back without any luck. He had resigned himself to accepting that he must have gone in the water surrounding the green, when someone suggested checking the hole. There smiling up at him from the bottom of the flag was the missing ball.

He has been a member of the Links club for the past six years and has been actively playing the game for the last 40. This was his first ‘Ace’ and he was still in disbelief

hours after playing traditional host to the rest of the members in the Links bar. This achievement was just what he and his partner needed to spark their ‘skins’ game which they then went on to win.

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