Hire Caymanians

I hope the move to Concourse F (next to Air France!) at the Miami International Airport will not mean sharing their employees.

We recently returned from Houston and the agents were all shared Air France employees. They were very difficult to understand and there was absolutely no communication about the delayed arrival of the aircraft.

The agent changed our seat assignments. When we questioned this, we were told the aircraft had three sections – First Class, Business Class and Coach. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief since we knew none of the Cayman Airways planes had three sections!!

Customer service at the counter was extremely disappointing. Once we boarded – an hour late – Capt. McTaggart explained the reason and apologized for the delay.

The last time we were in Miami, the CAL Hispanic ticket agent had no clue what Sir Turtle membership included or the baggage limit. I was astounded at her lack of knowledge!

Our national flag carrier counters should be represented by our own Caymanian agents and not from another country. With the numerous Caymanians living in Houston and Miami, especially, I am surprised that so few, (if any) are employed at the ticket counter.

I haven’t seen a Caymanian at either counter in months. We need more Bob Andersons and Merilyn Phillips at the counters. These two Caymanians are essential assets to our flag carrier and our islands.

Please, Cayman Airways, hire our own – ‘He who knows his own, knows best.’

Cathy Frazier

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