Politics no surprise at Chamber luncheon

I note the report in your newspaper which said Chamber luncheon turns political. If you want to term it politics, it was not the first time that someone was political at the Chamber meeting and I suspect that it will not be the last.

What you failed to report is that we as legislators were invited from February this year to be present at a luncheon where the Leader of Government Business was supposed to talk about the Government policies in the budget for the years 2007 and 2008.

On Wednesday, 25 April, the day of the planned meeting, I was contacted a few minutes before noon, the time of the planned meeting, and was told that I was listed to speak. I was very pleased and thankful to the Chamber for giving me this opportunity to voice my opinion on Government policies.

When the Leader of Government Business spoke, he spoke on a topic completely different that what was listed in the invitation. He spoke on public-private partnership.

In the few minutes I had between 12 pm and the time I spoke at the luncheon, I spoke on what I thought would be a response to what Mr. Tibbetts was listed in the invitation to speak on; that is, what I see as some of the problems affecting the Cayman Islands residents.

It was certainly political, because the Budget, the Government’s policies and actions are all political.

My response was political because it was what I was told would be the order of the luncheon, that is, the Leader of Government Business speaking on Government’s policies in the 2007-08 Budget. He chose not to speak on it, instead on a prepared speech on the matter of public-private partnership.

I thank the Chamber again for including me, albeit late, to be a speaker at the luncheon. I think the whole effort that the Chamber made was worthwhile.

McKeeva Bush
Leader of the Opposition