Parking payment option adopted

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority has a new payment option for parking at Owen Roberts International Airport.

Customers can now use VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards to pay for parking at the airport.

Mr. David Frederick, chief executive officer of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority said customers would find the new payment option useful, states a press release.

‘Quite often customers don’t have the correct change or currency to pay for their parking at the Automated Pay Station machine,’ Mr. Frederick said. ‘The option of paying for parking with debit and credit cards will provide greater convenience for both residents and visitors alike. We are in the planning stages of upgrading and expanding the airport terminal, and along with the major construction there are small changes such as this that will help ensure Owen Roberts operates in an efficient and customer focused way, using technology to its fullest advantage.’

Customers have the option of paying with credit and debit cards at two locations – either at the yellow Automated Pay Station machines outside of the Arrivals Hall or at the gate as they exit the parking lot.

To pay at the Automated Pay Station, customers should enter the parking lot and take a ticket, as is the usual process. Once they are ready to leave, the parking ticket should be inserted into the APS machine, which will indicate the cost for the parking. A credit or debit card can then be inserted into the APS machine where the card will be charged and both the card and the parking ticket will be returned. Customers can then take the paid ticket to the exit gate, insert into the exit machine and leave the parking lot.

To pay at the exit gate, customers should enter the parking lot and take a ticket. When ready to leave, customers can drive directly to the exit gate and insert the ticket – bypassing the APS machine. The exit machine will show the total cost, customers should then insert their credit card and the card will be charged and returned.

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