Little League season heats up

The season is winding down, and the players are putting out their best efforts in anticipation of the season finale. The players from T- Ball right through to the girls division have shown that they are learning new skills and, more importantly, having fun. The support of parents is evident with their presence in the stands cheering teams to victory. For game schedule or information on programming contact Michelle at: 945-3552 Office / 916-5643 Cellular / Email: [email protected]

Little League

Jaydun bats for Bodden Beverages during Saturdays Little League action.


Subway vs. Digicel

Things started well for Subway in the first inning, as every one of their batters had a hit and scored a run. That made it 17-0 for team Subway. Joshua had a tremendous first inning at second base keeping many balls in the infield. Mary, Jaxson, Devin and Davin also played good defense at first base, short stop and outfield.

Unfortunately, the defensive effort was not rewarded with any outs. In the bottom of the first inning, Eric and Corey got off to a good start with 2 back-to-back hits, but suffered 3 outs with the next 4 four batters.

Joshua, Janna and Dawson each singled to load the bases. With the table all set, Brandon made sure to make good of this opportunity with a grand slam homerun.

In the top of the second inning, boosted by great defense between Eric and Corey, Zoe contributed with an out at second base, and Zack made a big play keeping a well hit ball from going to the outfield

In the bottom half of the second inning, with consecutive hits by Zoe, Davin, Mikey and Mary Digicel closed the gap on the scoreboard. However, Dawson and Janna both singled to once again set the plate for hungry man Brandon. True to form, he clobbered another home run, his second of the day. Keeping the hit parade flowing, Jamal and Oliver both set what was to be the winning runs, as Corey finished the game with another homerun.

Player of the Match: Brandon Dobbins Final score 27-25 Subway.

CIBC vs. Butterfield

The battle of the banks took place this Saturday at the Field of Dreams in the T-Ball division. Both teams played very well and it was a close game that was decided on the last play of the game. Butterfield produced 16 players and CIBC 15. The Butterfield team went up to bat first and saw some very solid batting and base running. Butterfield nearly had a perfect inning, but the CIBC team got the last 3 batters out.

When the Butterfield team took the field, the CIBC team also displayed good batting and base running. Butterfield got the 2nd batter out at 1st base and showed excellent teamwork with an out at 2nd base, fielded by Lex and tossed to Megan. Butterfield got a total of 4 outs that inning.

When Butterfield took a 2nd turn at bat good hits and good base running, including a home run from Kristopher was played, but the CIBC team played very well and got 6 outs that inning.

So when CIBC went to bat last, they had 9 outs to Butterfield’s 4. All that was needed was 5 outs to tie the game. Elias caught 2 pop-ups, one that ended in a double play with a toss to Kristina at 2nd base, for a total of 3 outs. CIBC came to bat at the bottom of the second innings needing a great performance to have a chance. Miguel Rodriguez came to the plate as last batter with the bases loaded and 2 runs behind. He lauched a missile to the out field and started running. Great fielding by a Butterfield outfielder had the ball back in the infield within seconds but as the infield scrambled to collect the ball Miguel powered home to bring in a home run and 3 RBIs. The players, coaches and parents all showed great sportsmanship and everyone enjoyed the game in the true spirit of T-Ball

Players of the Match: Lex, Megan and Kristopher. Final Score: 25- 23 CIBC

Conyers Dill & Pearman vs. Digicel

Solid fielding was seen from Connor and Dane who used all their talents to project their skill. A star double play was produced by Deandre at second base. Home Runs by: Kacie, Augusto and Shequan.

Players of the Match: Deandre Final Score: 24-18 Conyers

Gatorade vs. Remax

The game started off with Gatorade batting first and a display of good batting, as not one player got out in the whole game.

Remax was making good stops but they were just unable to turn them to outs as all the balls were homeruns. One came from Tyler Parchment and another from Albertini Holness, he got two. Remax batted well in the first and with all bases loaded the pitcher got four outs. Player of the Match: Tyler Parchment, Ethan Watler, Kevin Lepage and Albertini Holness

Final Score: 36-25 Gatorade


FirstCaribbean International vs. Caribbean Publishing

In Pony action the two ‘Caribbean’ powerhouses went head to head. The nerves of the game day showed with missed opportunities by FirstCaribbean.

The Publishers took advantage with good batting to take a 2-0 lead after the first innings. The Firsts responded in the second with great closing pitching to minimize the damage and allow the opposition only a further 2 runs in the second. Good batting off the pitching machine in the top of the third allowed Caribbean Publishing to extend their lead to 6-0. In the bottom of the third the gutsy players of FirstCaribbean realized their backs were to the wall and needed to raise the level of the game.

The hours of hard practice paid off and the rookies who had been struggling in earlier games caught fire. Although it is always difficult to single any players out in a team event Brandon Cridland made an infield hit and ran with all his might to beat the first baseman to keep the game alive.

FirstCaribbean caught fire and scored 13 runs. With lunchtime well overdue FirstCaribbean took their fielding positions in the top of the 4th and with good smart fielding closed the game out allowing no further runs.

This great game showed that a game is not over until it is over. Interestingly, the opposing head coaches of the earlier CIBC against Butterfield game were on the same side in this game as part of the coaching staff of the FirstCaribbean team, showing the coaches are in the program for the benefit of the kids.

Players of the Match: Brandon Cridland Final Score: 13-6 FCP

Bodden Beverages vs. Appleby

The Bodden Beverages team had a great practice earlier in the week which carried forward into the game on Saturday morning.

The team had its best performance of the year, especially at the plate. Some standout performances include Piers Davies, who pitched in the second inning getting 2 strikeouts and getting three hits, including two homeruns. James Green registered 3 strikeouts in the first inning and was on base 3 times, including one homerun.

Other notable performances: Nathan Borde had 2 hits,Christian Dube was on base three times and scored 2 runs, Tre’Allen Dilbert smashed two hits and scored two runs, Jaydun Ebanks got on base 3 times and scored 2 runs, Jared Harrison had one hit and scored 2 runs, Conor Magill got on base twice and scored 2 runs

Final Score: 18-11


Olde vs. Final Touch

Olde was up to bat first. 2nd batter update was Dave Scott. Glides part first all way outfields. Dave raced all the way home. Bottom of 2nd Zoey makes a great stop on right outfield and makes an excellent choice throwing to second. Although no one was out, it was a great feeling to know a new enthusiastic player had grasped onto what has been taught at training.

Bottom of 4th – Beautiful hit by Alex, looked like homer, but Final Touch great outfielder held him at 2nd, Kaleb also had a beautiful hit that got him to 3rd .

Bottom of 6th good fly ball catch by Kiel in the outfield. Ryan also managed to catch a ball in mid air, which burned a hole in his glove outing a final player.

Lonnie from Final Touch had an awesome hit but Kaleb from Olde stopped it, threw it to Ryan and outed him at second. Last inning batting for Olde. Zones were loaded, Kelvin up to bat, he hits brings everyone home and he makes it to second this brought the socre up to 7.

Overall, a good game with a new pitcher Dave Scott, who pitched the entire game.

Players of the Match: Kelvin for batting, Kaleb good hits and field playing, Dave home run and great pitching effort, Ryan fielding. Final Score: 7-12 Olde

Olde vs. Grand Harbor

Asher caught a pop fly and ended the first inning. Two good steals by Kaleb and Dino. 2nd base run from Dino in bottom of the 2nd inning. Asher ousted a player on third. Bottom of third 2 base run by Kaleb. 2nd base missed, this put him on third and a smooth steal at home.

Top of 4th – Kaleb’s pitching struck 2 players out in a row. Pitching was at its best in this inning.

Bottom of 4th – 3rd base run from Kelvin woke everybody out of a slumber. Good pitching form Dino. Great base inning for Olde in the end. Dave’s fast like lightning stealing brought him home.

Final Score 9-7 Olde

Too Hot vs. Home Gas

1st inning saw 3 runs come in on errors by defense. Joshua Parsons – catcher and Josh Dikau – pitcher stopped the steal at home for an out. Ben Farrington had two base hits and stole 3rd and home to bring the score to 4 for Too Hot.

A defensive error allowed Home Gas to steal home for their first run. A slug fest in the third inning saw Andrew Welds with a single, Josh Dikau with a single and a stolen base. Three runs in the top of fourth rounded out the round runs and Tanner Hatch closed out the pitching in the bottom of the fourth. Final Score 12-8 Too Hot

Olde vs. Pizza Hut

Kelvin hit home and brought home 2 plus self. Great pitching from Kaleb, 1st few innings went quickly. The stealing techniques took effect tonight. Great team play when Alex at home through to Dave at second and outed a runner. Dino and Ryan had good hits. Bases loaded, a grand slam from Kaleb and brought everyone home


Island Paving vs. Caldwell Bank

Island Paving started strong by scoring six runs in the first inning with the help of a 2-run double by Dalton Watler. Caldwell managed to score two runs of their own in the top of the second to close the gap, but Island Paving kept adding to their lead with a run scored in the second inning and another two runs in the third. Solid pitching by Dalton Watler and Seth Watler of Island Paving kept the Caldwell offence at bay while Island Paving racked up eleven more runs in the fourth inning as Caldwell’s pitchers struggled to find the strike zone. Players of the game for Island Paving were Giovanni Bush who returned from a toe injury last week to play solid defense and Michael Pouchie who has been improving steadily each week and making his contribution to the team. Notable production from the offensive side saw Seth Watler going 3 for 4 and Brian Moxam, David Bodden and Christopher Bennett all going 2 for 2.

Players of Match: Giovanni Bush and Michael Pouchie

Final Score: 20-2 Island Paving


Crystal Barnes, Nikki Crance and Jessica Ebanks eached pitched two strong innings to lead KPMG to a tough 8-6 victory over an enthusiastic Crighton Properties team in Girls 10-17 softball action on Thursday. Pitchers for Crighton were Megan Griffith and Amy Smith. Jessica McDowall, Amy Smith and Kirstie McMillan all hit the ball well for Crighton, reaching base several times. Stephanie Gilles was very strong on defense for Creighton even though Crystal Barnes belted a two-run homer for KPMG and Ashley McLaughlin, Daryl Barnes and Bianca Amos all had important hits. Final Score 8-6 KPMG.

Games continue every Thursday night through the end of May.