PFI Cayman Competition Ends withWorld Record and 11 National Records

Last week saw the end of the 2nd PFI Cayman Competition held over four days on Grand Cayman, BWI. Eleven international athletes from across the world spanning Canada, USA, Japan, Brazil and the UK competed in 6 freediving disciplines involving time, depth and distance with points being awarded per meter of depth, distance and time. Most amazing was that one world record and eleven national records were broken during four days of intense competition.

A freediver

A freediver descends into Cayman waters.

Freediving or breath-hold diving as a sport is where athletes compete in disciplines involving time, depth and distance with different sub categories in each. The competitive world of freediving emerged in the late 1940’s and today is enjoying unprecedented growth and booming popularity with underwater enthusiasts the world over. Although freediving as a sport is relatively new, freediving as a means of sustenance can trace its roots back 4500 years.

Performance Freediving International Inc (PFI) was the organizer of the competition as well as providing two weeks of coaching and Advanced Freediver training for all the athletes in attendance. PFI has been involved in providing educational courses and athlete development since February 2000. During this time its Founder and President, Kirk Krack, has trained/coached and supported 8 world record athletes to over 20 world records along with numerous national record holders.

The premiere performance was that of Mandy-Rae Cruickshank of Canada who on day two of the competition broke the women’s world record in constant ballast (kicking down to depth and back with weights under her own power) with a depth of 88m / 289ft on one breath of air, the equivalent of a 29 story building in a time of 2 minutes 48 seconds. This record was held previously by Natalia Molchanova of Russia at 86m / 282ft. Mandy-Rae now adds a seventh world record to her trophy mantle.

The following list of athletes accomplished the following World and National Records:


Mandy-Rae Cruickshank – Canada

Constant Ballast 88m / 289ft


Carolina Schrappe – Brazil

Free Immersion 61m / 200ft

Constant Ballast No-fins 36m / 118ft

George Bell – USA

Constant Ballast (Masters Division) 30m / 98ft

Dynamic Apnea (Masters Division) 51m / 167ft

Julie Russell – USA

Constant Ballast No-fins 44m / 144ft

Jill Yoneda – Canada

Dynamic Apnea 133m / 436ft

Junko Kitahama – Japan

Dynamic Apnea 133m / 436ft

Constant Ballast 62m / 203ft

Wes Lapp – USA

Constant Ballast No-fins 48m / 157ft

Rob King – USA

Constant Ballast No-fins 48m / 157ft


Constant Ballast Swim down and up with fins retaining any weight taken.

Constant Ballast No-fins Swim down and up without fins retaining any weight taken.

Free Immersion Pull down and up a line without fins retaining any weight taken.

Dynamic Apnea Horizontal distance across a pool.

Dynamic Apnea Horizontal distance across a pool without the use of fins.

Static Apnea Breath hold at the surface for time.

The 2nd PFI Cayman Competition is supported with the financial help of ICU Medical and the Hyperbaric and Problem Wound Center at Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida. Stingray Watersports of Grand Cayman is helping provide diving and accommodations. Professional equipment is furnished by Oceaner Sporting Goods and Yamamoto Corporation with additional support provided by Doc’s Proplugs.

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