Heritage tops in NCFA medals

Hard work and dedication helped Heritage High School dominate the National Children’s Festival of the Arts Competition recently.

The school came away from Agape Church with an impressive medals tally.

According to a release, the students’ dramatic renditions earned them four gold, two silver and five bronze medals in the speech category; and two silver medals for drama. Of all the participating schools, Heritage High earned the highest honours in the drama category with almost all of the school’s entrants earning a medal.

Heritage High’s star performers for speech were: Shernell Seymour, Wayne Cato, Corey Christian, Vincent Davis, Nikita Cox, Chicquan Smith, Shekeliah Elliott, Christal Samaroo, Renee Connolly, Janessa Jennings, Jeremy Morain, Alicia Palmer and Erin Powell.

Gold medallist, Corey Christian, with Bible in hand, transported the audience to church as he preached his ‘Stone Sermon’ with deep conviction.

Another gold medallist, Shernell Seymour, amused the audience with her presentation of Louise Bennett’s ‘New Scholar’.

The other two gold medallists, Wayne Cato and Vincent Davis, gave excellent renditions of ‘Dread Song’ and ‘Love Letta’, respectively.

Another noteworthy performance was Shekeliah Elliott’s presentation of ‘My Dream’.

The nervous cast of Holly Webster, Allison Antonio, Renee Lindo, Asaph Scott, Gegofrey Brown, Giovaldi Stewart and Brittny Bustillo, made their way on stage for their first public drama performance.

The release added that the judges made special mention of Renee Lindo and Allison Antonio, who were dubbed ‘Best New Actresses’.

The awards


Gold: Wayne Cato, Shernell Seymour, Vincent Davis and Corey Christian

Silver: Shekeliah Elliott and Christal Samaroo

Bronze: Renee Connolly, Janessa Jennings, Jeremy Morain, Alicia Palmer and Erin Powell


Silver: Allison Antonio, Brittany Bustillo, Geogofry Brown, Giovalde Stewart

Renee Lindo

Asaph Scott

Holly Webster