Humans respond, animals are adopted

The Humane Society Animal Shelter recorded record numbers of adoptions over the weekend following reports that the facility was over-crowded and some animals faced death.

Eighteen dogs were adopted on Saturday alone and further puppies have found new homes this week.

An unprecedented number of volunteer dog walkers also turned up over the weekend to give abandoned animals a reprieve from their cramped quarters.

Jason Jairam, a full time staff member at the shelter said newspaper reports had made the public more aware of the dire situation the animals were in.

‘It was crazy; there were people all over the place on Saturday. It was certainly the busiest day we have had for a long time.’

Despite the huge public response, more than 50 puppies and dogs are still languishing at the facility – well above its intended capacity of 36.

‘We always need help. We need people to give these animals new homes. We need volunteer dog walkers to socialise with the puppies, to walk them and bathe them.’

Mr. Jairam said overcrowding at the shelter would continue if irresponsible owners failed to spay and neuter their pets.

He reminded the public that the Humane Society can spay and neuters pets at their North Sound Road location.

The Humane Society will even cover the costs of the operation for those that cannot afford it, Mr Jarmain added.

For more information about adopting an animal or becoming a volunteer dog walker call the Humane Society on 949-1461 or visit

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