Parents urged to vaccinate children

Parents and healthcare providers are being urged to protect children’s health, by immunising them from vaccine-preventable diseases via timely vaccination.

‘I urge all parents to be responsible, and to play an active role in protecting the health of their family. Remember, vaccination is an act of love. Please ensure that your family is protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.’ said Minister of Health and Human Services Anthony Eden in his message for Vaccination Week in the Americas.

In light of Vaccination Week residents are being reminded that certain serious life threatening disorders such as measles , meningitis , tetanus and tuberculosis to name a few are prevented by being vaccinated. Parents and healthcare providers should work together to safeguard children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Most parents have never seen a case of polio, tetanus, diphtheria or measles.

‘However these diseases still exist in parts of the world and can easily spread from one county to another. Until the whole world is free of these diseases we have to continue to vaccinate our children to prevent re emergence of these diseases in our country and region.’ said PHD Epidemiology Coordinator Alice Jane Ebanks. ‘Vaccination is the only way to guarantee that our future generations are protected.’

‘Parents are encouraged make, and keep, appointments with healthcare providers to ensure their child is up-to-date on all shots. They should also use this opportunity to ask any questions or air any concerns about vaccinations, that they might have,’ said PHD Nurse Annie K. Price.

‘Through the Public Health Department, reminders are given to parents the day prior to immunisations as parents sometimes forget. Each parent is contacted by phone or messages left for those who are unavailable,’ she said.

‘All vaccines in the Cayman Islands are safe, and administered in keeping with guidelines from the World Health Organisation and the Pan American Health Organisation,’ said Director of Public Health Dr. Kiran Kumar.

Ms Mirasol Redden, mother of six-month-old Max Andrew Redden, said she believes in immunisations.

‘I am concerned about the health of my baby and want to be sure that he is protected against any communicable diseases. He should grow up being healthy, and contributing to the family.’

For more information about vaccinations, please contact your District Health Centre, the Public Health Department or your private physician.