Device cuts AC costs

A new energy saving device available within the Cayman Islands is said to be able to help hotels and offices cut air conditioning costs between 25 per cent and 70 per cent a month.

The energy saver is to be available for installation through Mike’s Ice Refrigeration Company within the next month or so.

The small device is attached to a thermostat and has sensors that read if individuals are present in a room or a given area.

‘What the sensors do is that they have infrared, so they sense the temperature,’ said Mike’s Ice Marketing and Sales Manager Sarah Harvey. ‘They can tell if someone is there by this.’

Hotels and large buildings would benefit the most from this device, she asserts. ‘Residential can also be done, but the highest cost savings will be seen in large offices and hotel buildings.’

When a guest stays in a hotel room they may have the temperature running at freezing cold. They then leave the room and the AC is left running at the same temperature, which costs the hotel a fortune in bills.

However, Ms Harvey explained that while the new system allows the guest to control the temperature levels while they are in the room, as soon as the system realises there is no one in the room, it goes into a setback mode.

The setback mode, which is decided by the hotel manager, or maintenance supervisor, could perhaps be 81 degrees Fahrenheit, if they consider this to be a reasonable temperature for a vacant room.

Therefore, what could have been six or more hours of 74 degrees has now been automatically changed to 81 degrees.

‘We estimate that the customer should get a return on the investment anywhere between 12 and 15 months into using it,’ she said.

Mike’s Ice has distribution rights for this device in a range of Caribbean islands, including Cayman.

Ms Harvey said the device is highly used in the USA in large hotel chains.

Installation is done with minimal disruption, she said. ‘A hotel or business can still function completely normally while we’re doing this.

‘We should have this available within the next month or so and we’re available to do a presentation or give estimates any time.’

The system has a 10-year lifespan and is endorsed by the five-star energy programme and is affiliated with the LEED Green Building Programme.

‘It’s very important for large companies in Cayman to all do their part for the environment,’ said Ms Harvey. ‘That’s why we’re happy and proud at Mike’s Ice to introduce this product to do our part to help Cayman be greener.’

Ms Harvey said the device ties in nicely with Mike’s Ice’s Bio-5, which is also environmentally friendly.

Also distributed within many Caribbean islands by Mike’s Ice, Bio-5 has been seen to represent a significant breakthrough in the battle against bacteria, viruses and pathogenic killer bugs.

The product takes the risk out of the presence of harmful microbes in air conditioning systems, duct cleaning and general surface areas.

It works by reducing the reproduction and viable numbers of microbes to safe levels and then neutralising or killing remaining organisms.

Ms Harvey said there has been a 100 per cent satisfaction rate with those that have had Bio-5 applications, such as in offices or schools in Cayman.

Owner of Montessori Del Sol in George Town, Kelly Walker said, ‘We’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen.’

In the past three months, since the Bio-5 application was done, the level of sickness in children at the school has been minimal.

‘Personally I tend to think it’s the Bio-5. I think it’s made a big difference.’

Despite outbreaks of bad viruses and flus recently, only a handful of children at the school have been sick recently, she said.

‘I tried it because I think I owe it to the kids and the parents to try and keep the air quality as healthy as possible.’

Ms Walker said she would recommend it to schools, hospitals, offices and cruise ships.

Ms Harvey said that in the offices where applications had been done, the levels of sickness are reported to have gone down also.

The product has also been effective in certain areas where there is mould contamination, she said, as the product brings the mould down to a much safer, more controlled level.

In all, from minimal advertising, the Bio-5 has seen a fantastic response, she said.

‘Lots of it has been word of mouth. Some that have had it done in their offices now want it done in their homes.’

Bio-5 hand sanitizers are being marketed to cruise ships.

Contact Mike’s Ice on 949-0663 for more information.

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